Not a commercial software, but hope to be better

During conference discussion and online chat, many scientists and engineers ask whether MatDEM is a commercial software, or it will be commercial in the future. As many scientists, we focus on scientific research, and believe that sharing and coorperation will promote both of our researches. Therefore, MatDEM will be free for academic research, now and in the future. I cannot promise it will always be free for industry, but it is OK to use it at present and in the following several years, until the team needs supports from industry for further development of MatDEM.

DEM numerical simulations have very wide and increasing demands from academic community and industry. During last one year, MatDEM has been used in many different fields. My students and me are major in geological engineering, we are not able to provide very professional software functions for all specific issues. Instead, we will include new function of “software packaging” in MatDEM next year, so that users (developers) may build their own DEM software with self-defined user interface, e.g. TunnelDEM, SlopeDEM, etc. We believe that MatDEM will be better than commercial DEM software, with the help of many scientists from different fields.

Chun Liu

Nanjing University 

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